Sunday, January 20, 2013

Darksiders 2 Kitbash

These towers are examples of some kitbashed assets that I created during Darksiders 2 development. Using tileable strip textures in conjunction with custom objects allowed us to create a large amount of props and architecture with a small selection of textures and materials. The towers shown here used this process using two or three elements from other objects and combining them with architectural strip textures to create a completely new object using textures already being used throughout the level.
Using the custom sculpted banners, skull, and crown I combined them with a stone trim, a kitbashed sconce, and trim textures to create this tower holding one of the dead lords. This tower was also used in the main entrance facade into the final dungeon of the realm.

Same as above, but the only custom mesh being the banner. All the rest were modelled and unwrapped to strip textures by me.