Wednesday, June 25, 2014

HUNT: Props

These are a few of the props I've made so far for the game Hunt at Crytek USA. These were made 100 % by me, all including high-poly bakes and a full set of textures (Diffuse, Specular, Gloss, and Normal).
A simple hutch, the doors on top are made so the players can open them and receive items.

A simple nightstand. This later had a paint layer added to it that was controlled with vert painting to make it have a new appearance.

See above
A set of oil refinery machines and tanks. This set used three textures, two for the metal parts, and a single tile-able brick (All textures were used for other assets as well)
High-poly asset for the tanks of the oil refinery set.
See abve
Tile-able wood wall texture. Tiled 2x2
High-poly asset for tile-able wood wall texture
Various furniture props used throughout.
Simple shovel asset, with removable end handle (for slightly different look)
General tool set, uses one texture sheet.
Simple table

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