Wednesday, June 25, 2014

HUNT: Shacks

The shacks in the Bayou went through many different iterations, of which I was a central participant. However, every artist on the team has touched these assets at one point or another.
I worked on creating the different shapes and sizes of buildings, each sticking to strict guides for window heights and widths (only one window asset was ever used), door heights and widths (same as windows/ one asset), stair and floor/roof heights, and overall spacing (important for enough gameplay). I helped define all of these guides while constructing the mod set.
The buildings themselves are constructed as one object to help with culling (not rendering objects inside of a building when you couldn't see through a window or door, or portal).
They also have a paint layer, so we could make the paint on the buildings whatever we like (variation).
Each building is used multiple times to make a set of buildings, each with a different layout, theme, and props inside.
The porches, walkways, supports, and railing are used extensively throughout the environment and were made to work individually or right along side a building.
The mod set for the buildings in the Bayou. I created the wood texture used on the walls, floors, walkways, and most posts, as well as constructed the buildings themselves. The metal roofs and log textures were made by other artists.

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